Play Blitzball

Find a tennis ball and some rackets. Play Blitzball on a tennis court.


Choose goal lines and place the ball at center court.

Goal Lines

Fence posts

Fence posts mark the goal lines on most courts. Pick the centermost fence posts, or you can set your own goal lines.

The Ball


Tuck the ball underneath the net at middle court.


Court baselines

Stand behind your respective baselines and get ready to dash for the ball.


The fun begins!

Count Down

All players count down at the same time: "Three… Two… One… BLITZ!"

Run For It

On BLITZ!, players make a run for the ball. Whoever gets the ball can immediately begin gameplay.


Each side defends a goal, and each player tries to score by hitting their opponent's goal.

Goal defence


Try to score a point by getting the ball between your opponent's goal posts from your side of the net. Call out your total points after scoring.


Try to stop the ball from hitting your goal. You can use your racket and your body.

The Rules of Blitzball

Keep it simple. No BS.


  • A goal is 1 point.
  • Play to 16 points.
  • Win by 2 points.

When the ball hits a goal, by any means, 1 point is scored.

A maximum of 1 point can be scored after the ball crosses middle court.


  • Switch sides once during the game, after a side scores 8 points.
  • Rackets may be switched if all players want to switch rackets.


Each side gets one fair shot at a time at the opponent's goal.

No BS Rules

  • If the ball makes its way to the defensive side before the offense has had a legitimate turn, the defender must give the ball back.
  • When a player gives the ball back to the opposing side, both sides are allowed time to reposition themselves to resume gameplay.
  • If a player on offense hits the ball into their own side of the net, the player can try again.


There is only one penalty in Blitzball…

You Hit The Ball Over The Fence

This penalty is severe.

  1. Go get the ball.
  2. Your opponent gets 1 point.
  3. Your opponent gets the ball.